Educational Resources

The case for meaningful SEN Statements is made by the Children with Disabilities Strategic Alliance (CDSA)

A report from one of our partners CDSA has been produced to recognise that the statutory process for identification, assessment and provision of services for children with disability and SEN is becoming increasingly operationally deficient, primarily as a result of a systematic failure to specify and quantify provision in Statements.

The result of this process is that parents cannot tell what their child should be receiving and Statements are not achieving the statutory purpose for which they are intended.

Case studies of Statements have been pulled together and they clearly demonstrate the importance of the Statement in terms of upholding the legal rights of the child and providing access to appeal rights and legally enforceable remedies for parents who are unhappy with the provision offered to their child.

The legal entitlement to the education provision set out within a Statement provides an incomparable opportunity to put in place the resources, interventions and specialist support that would not be available to the child without a Statement.

For more information on this report, please find the attached document below.