At Autism NI, our Family Support team co-ordinate a range of support groups across Northern Ireland. 

We have 20+ support groups based in local communities across Northern Ireland offering support to thousands of parents and carers of autistic people. 

We rely heavily on our support group network, which continues to be a vital part of community development where volunteers, parents, and carers provide advice and support to each other. Our Family Support team can offer support and guidance in bridging families to their local group.

Our support group volunteers have tremendous understanding of autism and play a vital role in bringing new concepts and ideas to the groups and sharing from lived experiences and hints and tips with other families. Our support group volunteers are creative and innovative in meeting emerging needs within the groups, and some facilitate family activities, events, and summer schemes. 

Join a Support Group

Why Join a Support Group?

By joining one of Autism NI's support groups you will find you do not have to begin this journey on your own, and you can access support pre or post diagnosis. Most groups meet monthly, and it gives parents and carers the space to share worries or concerns, along with experiences on what is available in your area to help your family and your autistic child. 

You will get ideas and strategies for helping your child lay foundations for their future, and by meeting other parents or carers on your journey, you will realise the feeling and worries you are experiencing are perfectly normal and to be expected.

Overall, our support groups work to meet emerging needs and raise awareness with local communities, businesses, and politicians across Northern Ireland. This core area of work underpins Autism NI’s long-standing commitment to maintaining relationships with parents, carers and professionals, and working together to build a more inclusive society for autistic people and their families. 

A woman smiling and wearing an Autism NI T-shirt
I never want another Mum or Dad to feel as lost and lonely as I did, and I want them to know they can join our group of parents. All I want is to be part of building an inclusive community that help, give advice and support each other. 
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Olivia, South Belfast Support Group