Why become Autism friendly?

An Autism Friendly organisation strives to ensure every person with Autism feels welcome and comfortable accessing the range of services and facilities offered.

It makes great business sense to improve Autism Accessibility:green tick.png

Open to everyone in the community

Autism is the fastest growing disability in Europe and over 1 in 50 children have a diagnosis of Autism (DHSSPS, 2016). Your organisation will promote best practice and social inclusion for the whole community. 

Spending Power

Increasing access to services and facilities for the 30,000 individuals and families living with Autism in Northern Ireland makes good business sense.

Staff confidence

Becoming Autism Friendly will increase staff knowledge and empower them to provide better customer service for customers. Confident, skilled staff increase the sales and reputation of your organisation.

Equality Legislation

Every organisation in Northern Ireland is legally obligated to provide equal access to services for individuals with Autism under the Disability Discrimination Act and Autism Act (NI) 2011.

Worthwhile Investment

Providing reasonable adjustments to help individuals with Autism to use their service does not need to be expensive. Investing in high quality training ensures staff understand a range of low-cost adjustments that make a big difference in terms of access.

Customer Loyalty

Providing adjustments to increase Autism accessibility means families will continue to return as a repeat customer as they trust the service offered.