Rainbow Resource Kits

Our Rainbow Resource Kits provide comprehensive information to parents of newly diagnosed children to support them in understanding their child and a range of Autism Strategies they can use. The packs contain a range of six specialised booklets and resources, including:

  • A positive start for life: Explores the importance of connecting with your child and using a structured approach when developing and learning new skills.
  • Communication and Socialisation: Building skills including attention, turn taking, eye contact, and listening through age appropriate activities.
  • Play: A range of practical ideas for developing Play skills which are vital building blocks for child development, particularly social and reciprocal play. 
  • Making Sense of Sensory: Understanding a range of strategies to understand sensory differences and regulate thier childs individual sensory profile.
  • Parent to Parent: This booklet, written by a group of parents, discusses a range of considerations for families including daily living skills, behaviour, independence and impact on siblings and other family members.
  • Top Twelve Tips: Used as a ‘quick reference guide’ to support parents and other family members/carers throughout their Autism journey and maintain confidence in their knowledge and skills.

Many thanks to James Tudor Foundation who funded the re-design and re-print of this resource.

These booklets can be downloaded below.