Impact Award Champions

Jump Boxx NI

We are delighted to announce that Jump Boxx NI have been awarded our Autism Impact Award for investing in Autism awareness and training excellence. We would like to congratulate Jump Boxx NI for their dedication to becoming an Autism friendly organisation! For more information, please visit

Impact Jumpboxx.jpg

Ulster University Student Support Services

Ulster University Student Support Services are the latest organisation to achieve our Autism Impact Award for investing in Autism awareness and training excellence. Staff from the Student Support Services have participated in Autism Training and are providing a range of Autism specific supports, including an additional induction day tailored for students with Autism. For more information, please visit

Autism Impact Award Ulster University Student Support.jpg

Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast achieves their Impact Award to celebrate the adjustments they have made within their organisation to increase Autism Accessibility. Titanic are continuing to work hard to ensure accessibility by providing a range of sensory adjustments and information to customers and updating their website to include useful information for customers with Autism. For more information, please visit

Titanic Impact Award.jpg

The Alley Theatre Strabane

The Alley Theatre have achieved their Autism Impact Award for the work they have achieved to make Alley Theatre more accessible for customers with Autism. Adjustments include considering and updating the visual information they provide, updating their Disability Access Guide and Access for All Scheme and facilitating relaxed performances throughout the year, with access to quiet areas or rooms for individuals to use if needed. For more information, please visit

Alley Theatre Strabane Impact Award June 2017.jpg

Millenium Forum Theatre and Conference Centre

The Millennium Forum received the Autism Impact Award in recognition of its ongoing efforts in providing fully accessible experiences for all patrons. The flagship arts and cultural venue was presented with this award by Christine English, Autism NI’s Development Manager and the Deputy Mayor, Councillor John Boyle. For more information, please visit

Millenium Form Autism Impact Award Aug 2017.jpg

TrustFord Northern Ireland

TrustFord branches across Northern Ireland have worked very hard to achieve the Impact Award. Over 20 staff attended Autism training and agreed a coordinated approach to their reasonable adjustments. Each branch now has a dedicated ‘Autism Champion’ and key person for families with an individual on the spectrum. They can send a walkthrough guide to you prior to your arrival. Noise levels within venues can be lowered and families will now be able to loan sensory bags when visiting. You can check for your nearest branch. 

Trust Ford Impact Award Oct 2017.jpg

Todds Leap 

Congratulations to Todd’s Leap who have achieved their Impact Award! The organisation has been working on implementing a number of adjustments to increase accessibility including increased visual signage, a quiet room, pre visit information and visual story books to help participation in activities. For further information, please contact  

Todds Leap Impact Award Oct 2017.jpg

Belfast Met

Belfast Met are the latest organisation to achieve our Impact Award status. Through the award process, the organisation has assessed and improved accessibility across all three main campuses, with an accredited Autism Champion within each campus to continuously monitor and promote Autism Accessibility. Congratulations to Belfast Met on their achievement! For further information, please visit

Impact Award Belfast Met Group April 2018.jpg