CO3 'Third Sector Chairperson of the Year'

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In 2012, David Heatley from Autism NI won the 'Third Sector Chairperson of the Year' Award.

David set up and lead the Parents Autism Lobby (PAL), which was critical to securing the Autism Act (NI) 2011. David is the first Chairperson to visit all Autism NI branches and see the Autism legislation through to a successful conclusion. David continues to ensure Autism NI will have an influential role in the effective implementation of the legislation. The Judges were impressed with David's depth of involvement in the cause they champion, and the wide ranging impact they have made in their organisation. David's strength of leadership had truly set him apart, as well as his ability to lead change for the greater good.

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The CO3 Leadership Awards are uniquely designed to celebrate the work of Charity leaders, leaders of community organisations and social economy organisations, all who consistently deliver inspiring, dynamic and innovative leadership, which makes a big difference on the ground