Autism NI Support Groups

Dungannon Light It Up Blue for Autism 007.jpgAutism NI have 20 support groups across Northern Ireland offering support to thousands of parents and carers and individuals with ASD.

These groups can be large or small but all have one thing in common.  They are made up of people who have tremendous understanding of ASD and can open many doors for others.  They can bring new concepts and ideas to others and pass and share tips and hints. 

We are receiving around one call a week from parents or carers looking to join a group in their area.  We actively encourage this and offer our support and guidance in bringing this about.

Why join a Support Group?

Autism NI Zipline 2013 92By joining one of Autism NI's support groups you will find you don't have to begin this journey on you own. Most groups meet monthly and parents get the chance to share worries or concerns, get tips and hints about how other parents have managed and find out what is available in your area to help your family and your child with ASD. Some Autism NI support groups are very active and they even have their own outings and trips.

You will get ideas and strategies for helping your child lay foundations for their future. By meeting other parents at the same stage you will realise the feeling and worries you are expecting are perfectly normal and to be expected.

Information about meeting times and places is available from Autism NI Headquarters. Please contact 028 9040 1729 (Option 1) to find out about joining a support group in your area. By speaking to another parent who is involved you can find out what it is like at meetings, what is expected of you and what is not.

Setting up your own Support Group

If you live in an area where there is no support group and want help to set one up, contact Vanessa on 028 90401729 (Option 1) for support. As part of an Autism NI support group we can provide insurance cover, help with publicity, networking, promotional contacts, resources and guide you on the way to getting established. You don't need 10, 20 or more people to initiate a Support Group. The ideal number is 4 - 5 interested parents/carers but you can begin the process with one person. The goal is to create a core group that you can build on, and one person can start the ball rolling to get to that stage!

Support Group Schedule

Please click the below attachment for up to date information on your local Support Group meetings.