Alert Card

For details and information on applying for an Alert Card, please call 028 9040 1729 (Option 1) or fill out the registration form at the bottom of the page.

The Autism Alert Card was developed through partnership with the Police Service Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue and Youth Justice Agency. It enables the holder to identify themselves to others as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and provides an emergency contact that can be called if necessary.

The registration information you supply about the cardholder will be stored securely within Autism NI. By using this card the cardholder is agreeing that anyone who sees this card may:

  • Contact the emergency contact on the card
  • Contact Autism NI who may give out personal contact details about  you or your support person
  • Contact Autism NI where they will receive information about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This can be vitally useful information if the cardholder is in a stressful or emergency situation.

The Alert Card will only be issued to those over the age of 10 with an ASD diagnosis.

Autism NI Alert Card front.jpgAutism NI Alert Card back.jpg

ICE Wristbands

ICE wristbands.jpgAutism NI also provide ICE (In Case of Emergency) Wristbands, which can be used by younger children or individuals who do not wish to register for an Alert Card. The wristband has a space to write an emergency contact number so that the person with Autism always has to the telephone number of someone they trust (like Mum or Dad) to call if they are worried or feel unsafe.

For example, if the person with Autism was to get lost or separated from others, the emergency contact number is there to ring for help. The wristband is small and easy for a young person to wear and is waterproof when using a waterproof or permanent pen to write a contact number on it. For more information on these wristbands, please contact Donna on 02890401729 (Option 1)  or email